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Teaching Philosophy

Student Pianists

I have had the most success using the Alfred Method Books, where I was introduced to this method at the Univ. of TX, where I had a pedagogy class with one of the authors, Amanda Vick Lethco. She was a terrific teacher, and I have used the Alfred Method Books ever since, along with Faber and Hal Leonard methods. I do try to work with the method books my students bring me if they are transfer students from other teachers. In addition to standard piano methods, I also teach music theory and history, and offer my students the yearly option of taking the WSMTA theory tests. In addition to what my students study on the piano, I give them weekly theory assignments as homework, which I go over with them at the beginning of each lesson — theory assignments are optional for adult students, although recommended. I also offer beginning composition lessons to interested students.

I try to instill a love of learning in my students, and am interested in well rounded musicians who have good technique, good reading and memorizing skills, and are excited about the piano. In addition to classical, I have also taught ragtime, boogie-woogie, broadway, folk songs, hymns and contemporary sacred music. I try to teach each student according their own tastes, but classical is usually a part of each lesson. Before Washington State Music Teachers Association adjudications, student concerts, or competitions, I also hold group performance classes. At these classes, my students meet and get to know one another and practice performing.


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